Hey, it’s Phil —

Let’s talk about digital content.

We’re living in a time in which any feasible type of it is available at our fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Entertainment, education, sport, gaming, music — all of that became possible because of all the great creators tirelessly creating shows, podcasts, and other kinds of art.

But it’s much more than just content. For the first time in history, it’s something that unites nations, countries, and races.

We get together with community meetings, peer-to-peer interactions, and gatherings.

It’s time to celebrate the best sides of digital content, help more people to become creators, empower curation, and ensure we’re addressing important problems and trying to fix them.

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Work experience
Director, Product & Strategy/Strategy Lead
Producer (Eq. to PM), Lead Designer
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Founder, CEO, Lead Designer
Product Designer
Working on creative strategies for artists and creator economy's startups
Since Fall 2013
A few things about me

— Yo, I’m Phil Murphy a.k.a. NERFWRLD

— Keen on livestreaming, digital art, and gaming

— Learned HTML/CSS when I was 7 (thanks to my dad) — began my adventure

— Been creating and developing tech + entertainment products since 2013

— Genuinely love working on creative strategies for products and brands. So much fun.

Don't follow any schedules! Meaning always free if needed, unless I'm already into something

— Always down to play together! Invite me to Rocket League, R6, CS:GO, Betrayal, PUBG or anything with co-op :)

— Huge fan of Mafia II, Halsey, Milka and Big Bang Theory

— Currently caught up in game design, human rights and social psychology. // Would like to chat if you have something interesting to share.

Working on something exciting in tech or entertainment? Please reach out to me — would like to learn more :)

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